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Hi! I'm Lindsey.

I'm a health educator, like to run at a slow, but steady pace, teach group fitness classes, and do my best to keep up with my family that's spread across the country. In the midst all of that, playing in the kitchen is one of my favorite stress relievers and creative outlets, so this blog chronicles some of my favorite cooking and baking adventures, but in the process it also tells the story of the rest of my life.

Like many people in the Triangle area, I'm a transplant. After spending the first 21 years of my life in the midwest, I've been settled in North Carolina for seven years. One of the things I love most about the area is the diversity of local farms, farmers' markets, and great food, so I follow lots of local food happenings, but I also keep up with my fair share of Midwestern favorites.

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Tue Jul 8

Yeah, so it’s been three months since I last posted here. 

There was a long weekend for Easter.

We had Good Friday off and had fun playing with colored spaghetti with our friends, Kathi, Avery, Cori and Shea.

IMG_5866 IMG_5869

We dyed eggs (and made a mess and had a ball of a time) using shaving and food coloring.

IMG_5881 IMG_5898 IMG_5904

And hunted for plastic eggs (which I swear are reproducing around our house) with good friends and their new babies.

Easter Easter


I took a long weekend to go to Palm Springs for bachelorette festivities with Whitney. 

I didn’t really know what Palm Springs was like, but I discovered you can get to a totally different world in 8 hours when you fly to PSP without your kids!

IMG_6006 IMG_6009

It was a refreshing weekend with my lovely sisters and the craziest pool I’ve ever seen at a rental house in the desert!

IMG_6021 IMG_6027

I felt a little bad being away from my kiddos over Mother’s Day, but it was a perfect chance to soak up some humidity-free sun time, splash in the water and enjoy some good food. 

IMG_6059 IMG_6049


Then there was a make-up Mother’s Day when I got back into town.

Untitled Untitled Untitled

And over Memorial Day weekend, we orchestrated a little 10 year reunion with my public health classmates.

It was fun times with old friends, and even more fun to see all our kids have a blast with one another.


And all of that was before we embarked upon a 3 state summer vacation 2000 miles from home!  So there’s certainly more to come, but at least this is a start on catching up. 

Sun Apr 6

March (travel) madness!

I’ve been quiet on here, because I’ve been running around the country  recently.  Although it’s an official goal on workplan to limit my travel to once a quarter, I managed to end up with three trips to three different states in the span of ten days - Columbia, SC, Asheville, NC and Denver, CO. It was a little crazy, both because I’m not used to so much travel, and because I had lots of work to do related to each trip, so I was up late each night in the hotel.

The view from the Denver airport - a wee bit different than what you see at RDU! 

A Denver sunrise from my hotel room, which I got to see, since my body didn’t really get the 2 hour time difference. 

Then just two weeks later, I had a one day loop to Rock Hill, SC, and back, and then this weekend, one more trip - but this time for fun - my sister’s bridal shower! 

The bride-to-be opening presents!

Cousins!  Grace did an awesome job showing Ada and Addy where all the toys were.  :-)

Some observations from along the way:

- This much travel is exhausting, especially when you’re trying to keep up with pumping while away and packing lunches when you’re home. I’ll actually give Gwenyth Paltrow this one; life is a lot easier when I’m in the office 9 AM - 5 PM.  There are about a thousand other reasons that her argument that her life is harder than the “average” working mom’s is crap, but she’s right, long travel days are tough. 

- Despite multiple attempts to do so, I cannot actually manage to run 3 miles on a hotel treadmill and get cleaned up enough to meet with colleagues in under an hour.  All my training for the upcoming Tar Heel 10 Miler got me over confident; the couple minutes I’ve managed to skim off my 5k time is not enough to get all my hair dried and dissipate that red glow that I acquire while running.

- My body much prefers sea level to being a mile in the sky.  Especially when there was a professional cocktail hour that I was invited to participate in just two hours after arriving in Denver, and then I stubbornly tried to keep my training going on the treadmill.  Next time I jet set to Colorado, I’ll have to stay long enough to get acclimated. 

- Asheville, Columbia, and Denver all have some seriously good food to offer, and it was nice to be able to enjoy it without kids’ bedtime routines cutting meals short.  If they’re in your neck of the woods, I’d give good reviews to Mela, Motor Supply Bistro Co. and The Kitchen all three. 

- Also, there is some excellent public health work happening in all three places.  My colleagues at the South Carolina Hospital Association continue to kick butt with their work to improve employee health across the state.  I greatly enjoyed seeing what Asheville and Buncombe County Schools are doing to help kids learn healthy.  And although Colorado is already doing some awesome stuff to keep their citizens healthy, it was fun to see some new projects begin to emerge and help make the future even healthier for kids there. 

- It is a heck of a lot easier to travel without kids.  But it’s actually a nice confidence builder to just travel with one, after you’ve recalibrated to two.  You realize that things really are easier the second time around, when you don’t have to keep up with them both!  Dan and I took the divide and conquer strategy for the shower weekend, with Hazel staying home, and even though Ada was far from perfect, I actually found myself from thinking, “hey, this isn’t bad; maybe I should have brought Hazel along.” 

- There’s nothing quite like home, both the grand, old fashioned, big family version, and the cozy, messy, Durham version.