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Hi! I'm Lindsey.

I'm a health educator, like to run at a slow, but steady pace, teach group fitness classes, and do my best to keep up with my family that's spread across the country. In the midst all of that, playing in the kitchen is one of my favorite stress relievers and creative outlets, so this blog chronicles some of my favorite cooking and baking adventures, but in the process it also tells the story of the rest of my life.

Like many people in the Triangle area, I'm a transplant. After spending the first 21 years of my life in the midwest, I've been settled in North Carolina for seven years. One of the things I love most about the area is the diversity of local farms, farmers' markets, and great food, so I follow lots of local food happenings, but I also keep up with my fair share of Midwestern favorites.

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Wed Oct 1

What a whirlwind it’s been

Now that our pool closed this past weekend and I had to pull out the “2T winter” bin of hand-me-down clothes for Ada, I’ve had to finally admit that summer has come to a close.  It’s been a whirlwind.  Vacations, house hunting, lots of time at the pool, kids growing and summer fun.  

Tue Sep 30

West Coast adventures

In June, we had a blast exploring the West coast.  We started in Portland, where we got to visit Aunt Kelsey and Uncle Josh, as well as connect with our old college friend Galen.  

At Bob’s Red Mill

We loved the aerial tram!

Then we drove north to connect with my grad school friend Sean in Olympia and continued on to Seattle.  

In Seattle with Sean


It wasn’t a great year to see the salmon migrating upstream, but it was fun to check out a few travelling along the fish ladder

Along the way, we enjoyed some yummy eats - food carts in Portland, more than one good veggie burger, fried asparagus, and an excellent fresh strawberry milkshake at Burgerville, delicious eats at the Public Market, and lots and lots of cherries!

I don’t think this is the South anymore - Tillamook cheddar on a veggie burger and fried asparagus

Ada loved the strawberry shake!

Then we flew south to LA for my sister’s wedding. While there, we also got to visit with some of Dan’s family and meet our newest cousin.  And I finally got to visit Myrtle - my sister’s store!

The view of LA from our hotel window

Discovering slinkies and noodles with Uncle Kevin

I got to take a Myrtle selfie in a new shirt

And then the culmination of the trip was the wedding itself.  The weather was perfect - the reason everyone moves to southern California - and the Jim Henson Studios - what initially was the back-up location - turned out to be the most perfect venue.  

The beautiful bride with my many lovely cousins

The dance floor in front of the Chaplin Stage at the end of the night

We never managed to convince Hazel that she ought to sleep in any of the twin beds we arranged for her, and we struggled to get back onto East Coast time after 10 days away, but overall, I thought the trip, across three states and spending nights in five different places, went surprisingly smoothly.

Hazel’s favorite sleeping spot at our LA hotel - and the funniest position she ended up in her not bed

I’ve heard you don’t take vacations with kids, you take trips.  Whatever you call it, I’m glad we took the risk and started to introduce our kids to some crazy Bickers Bock travel adventures.